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Who is it for?

Transformational Breath® can be practiced safely by everyone between 1 minute old until the day we die.

Breath sessions are safe and have been practiced successfully with:

  1. Newborns

  2. Children

  3. Adults

  4. Pregnant women

  5. Elderly

Everybody benefits from additional oxygen. This technique is not only for persons with breathing difficulties oer facing emotional issues.

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Why breathing is so important? Without breathing there is no life. We can go for 40 days without food, we can last 3 days without water, but we only last a few minutes without breathing. And still, few people are aware of the real connection between our breathing pattern our way of life. Such a profound link that by changing our breathing, our whole life experience will change!

Transformational Breath® is a unique breathwork process that identifies the relationship between a person’s breathing pattern and his attitude in life. Indeed, the Transformational Breath® highlights the link between respiratory flow and certain behaviors or life experiences. As the breathing energy changes, significant changes will occur.

Tranformational Breath® acts on three levels: physical, mental / emotional and spiritual. In this respect and without being exhaustive this list shows that it is scientificly proven that diaphragmatic breathing can help to improve your wellbeing about symptoms and disease such as:

  1. Stress

  2. Depression / burn-out

  3. High blood pressure

  4. Cardiovascular diseases

  5. Respiratory issues

  6. Cancer

  7. AIDS

  8. Sleeping issues / chronic fatigue syndrome / sleep apnea

  9. Headache / migraine

  10. Disorders of the digestive tract

  11. Skin disorders

  12. Anxiety / phobias

  13. Infertility

  14. Muscular or organic disorders

  15. Conflicts in relationships / lack of relationship

  16. Weak self-esteeim / poor self-image / self confidence

  17. Alcohol / tobacco / drug dependency

  18. Addictions to shopping / work / food / relationships / sex

  19. Lack of serenity / energy

In respect to Transformational Breath® medical benefits, have a look to: Breathing and Medecine

In fact, Transformational Breath® is at the forefront of every breathwork. Through activation of this specific breath, the lower energies are raised up to meet the higher vibrational energies. As a result, entrainment occurs at our cellular levels and through this process, permanent healing and transformation occur by acting on three levels: physical, mental / emotional and spiritual. This helps maintain optimum health by allowing us to breathe better, have more energy, feel more peaceful and loving, and ultimately achieve higher levels of consciousness.

Video where Dr. Judith Kravitz explain the  power of Transformational Breath®