Itinerary to reach the seminar’s venue


Domaine des 7 Vallons, 1 rue du Routy Le Château, Villers-en-Prayères, 02160 Les Septvallons.

Ludivine PIERRE ✆ +33 (0)6 99 44 76 00

Email address:

By car

Please enter the related address in your GPS. You can also follow the route of the on-line Google map.

Suggested itineraries:

  • A4 while coming from Paris, exit 21, direction towards Fismes;
  • A344 (A4) while coming from Strasbourg-Nancy-Troyes, exit towards direction de Soissons-Fismes;
  • A26 while coming from Lilles-Bruxelles, exit 13, direction towards Laon;
  • N2 then after N31 in Soissons, while coming from Paris, exit towards Braine.

By train

The two nearest main train stations are:

  • Gare T.G.V. Champagne Ardennes (near Reims), 37 km away from the venue;
  • Gare de Soissons, 29 km away from the venue.

A shuttle service can be organised in grouping several people in the following stations: Soissons, Reims Ville and T.G.V Champagne Ardennes, the fees amounts to €10€ per person one way.

Coming from Paris: reach Gare de l’Est (towards Soissons), the trip last circa 65 minutes + 35 minutes with the shuttle.

Arrining in Charles De Gaulle Airport: The cheaper option is to reach Gare de l’Est in Paris.

To book the shuttle at Soissons:

If you want to book the shuttle from one of the above mentioned train stations, please contact Ludivine PIERRE at the following number +33 (0)6 99 44 76 00.

To Book the Train

RER, Subway map

Photos of Domaine des 7 Vallons